Painting and Cleaning

The effective preparation and coating of heritage ironwork, since lead paints became less widely available, has become a contentious issue.  The curators of substantial elements of the nation’s forged heritage have found negative issues developing with various modern approaches to this field, for a variety of reasons.

We strongly believe that coatings are every bit as important a phase of conservation as the more tangible forms of restoration.  It appears easily overlooked that iron is highly reactive without protection and given a chance will return to red dust.  Damage generally occurring first to the finest and often hardest to protect areas.

We have recently invested in a purpose built warehouse specifically to be able to hand paint and finish large objects of heritage ironwork all year round, in a controlled environment.  We also liaise regularly with both paint manufactures and curators to try to learn the lessons of the past and use current technology to overcome them.

Many modern approaches to surface preparation of heritage ironwork have been found to be invasive or inappropriate.  We can advise on the most appropriate way to remove old paint and corrosion materials in a conscientious and minimally invasive way.